Friday, January 22, 2010

Someone get a cattle prod

I'm already bombing on my resolution to blog once a week. I'm still bogged down with trying to find a voice, figuring out what to write about and tick tick tick, time flies by and while I'm overthinking this damned thing, I don't write.

No more illusions of grandeur. No more caring that anyone reads my blog. I want to write. I need to write. If something spews out on this blog thing, then I can revamp it and send it to a "real" publication. Right? Right.

This photo is from 1975, I think. I'm about 10 and a half years old and it was taken at my Aunt Nelwyn's first wedding. My mom and dad are so young. In 1975, my dad was a mere 31 and my mom 29. Amazing. They look so cute. My brother is two years younger, but, as you can see, we were roughly the same size...until puberty hit and he got beanstalky. Later, he bulked up.

I don't think I got much taller, being the runt in the family. But, alas, I bulked up too!