Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Nice Work If You Can Get It

After merely treading lightly in the work world for the last couple of years, given the state of the economy, I have finally started shopping around for more work. It's been weird to step back and look at my skills and assess what it is that I want to do. I'm surprised about where I'm netting out.

I think I'm ready for this commute.

I was so caught up with the idea of doing something "creative." For so long, I slammed out production and project management tasks while wishing for my big break, I couldn't see straight. I questioned myself. I never had the confidence to go for anything. And, to me, not being a "creative" meant I was nothing more than some sort of parasite.

I once won a Caples Award for some copy I did...and I was a production manager at the time.

I've changed my tune lately. For one, I'm more practical than I use to be. I love writing, but doing it for my day job is less important to me now. They cynic in me says that working for the man is working for the man no matter what you do. Ad copy, business writing, and the lot of it is a soul-sucking endeavor--hardly the type of writing I want to do. But, the more composed, older, mature and seasoned me has come to realize that it's fun to work with a team and get projects done. Schedules, planning, getting different types of people to agree, pleasing a client, and putting out fires is creative also, and for so long I did a pretty good job at those things.

Surprisingly, parenthood has given me some new skills that easily apply toward project management. I have to be more organized in my entire life these days. I know how to compartmentalize my tasks. I am not as surprised as I used to be by life's little glitches. And, well, no matter what, it will never be brain surgery.

Parenting, herding cats, project management. It's all the same.

So, the job hunting season is upon me. My resume is circulating. I'm talking to people. I have my list of things I want out of a job and despite the continual dismal reports of the job market, I'm feeling hopeful. The tech industry is HOPPING right now and I live right in the middle of it. I'd be stupid to pass up opportunities.

Wish me luck.